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Grill Master Box

Grill Master Box

Approximately 40 Lbs pounds of the best grill master meats

Bulk Savings

We put together a box of your favorite items to grill in the spring, summer and fall.  From time to time we will mix up the lineup as you pick your favorites to include in this package.  We look at what you are buying and add it to the package.  

The Tierra Verde Farm Grill Master Box is perfect for individuals or families who need help meal planning and are serious about eating nutrient-packed pasture Grass-fed meats throughout the week.

All of the items in this package can be cooked on the grill or griddle for a simple and flavorful dinner.  

What's Included?

4 Ribeye Steaks

4 NY Strip Steaks

4 Sirloin Steaks

12 - 1/3 LB Grass-fed Beef Patties (3 packs)

12 - 1/3 lb Beef Bacon Burgers (3 packs)

16 Hot Dogs (2 packs)

1 - 1/3 Lb Sirloin Burgers

8 - Pork Bratwurst Links (2 packs)

1 Rack of Pork Spare Ribs

32 Whole Chicken Wings (4 packs)

8 Boneless Chicken Breasts (4 packs)