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Hanger Steak - trimmed

Hanger Steak - trimmed

Hangar steak is a cut of beef prized for it's rich flavor. This cut comes from the inside of the diaphragm generally weighing around 13 oz. The hangar steak has a membrane going thru the middle of the steak. This membrane needs to be removed before cooking. Please watch this video on how to remove the membrane before buying this steak. This is one of the most flavorful and tender steaks available. It just takes 5 minutes of time to remove that membrane.

How to prepare a Hanger Steak

The hangar steak has unbelievable flavor. It is perfect for marinating and is wonderful to broil or grill. Best served rare to medium rare. This cut of beef is great is you love artisan cuts and want to try cooking with a new kind of steak.

In terms of flavor and texture, it is comparable to flank steak. It's so tasty, in fact, it was previously known as butcher's steak, as butcher's would often keep it for themselves rather than selling it. As always, our beef is 100% grass-fed to finish and we do not use hormones or antibiotics.