Large Family Chicken Box

Large Family Chicken Box

99-101 lbs avg. of Pastured Chicken | 400+ 4oz portions

Say Hello to our newest Large Family Chicken Box with Boneless Breasts, whole Chickens, Thighs and more!

You'll get to enjoy a little bit of everything with this 400 portion great-value bundle. You can review the entire contents below, but let's highlight a few of our favorites:

We have a great mix of whole chickens and various chicken pieces along with some chicken backs to get you started on making stock.

The Tierra Verde Farm Large Family Chicken Box is perfect for individuals or families who need help meal planning or are serious about eating nutrient-packed pastured chicken throughout the week.

Our animals are raised with great care on healthy soils that have been building for a decade. If you're looking to stock up the Large Family Chicken Box is your best bet.

What's Included?

Chicken for Comfort Meals

8 (4.5 lb) whole chickens

2 (5 lb) cut up chickens

2 (5 lb) chicken backs (4-5 backs per package)

Chicken for Grilling

8 (1 lb) boneless breasts (2 per package)

4 (2 lb) thighs (4 per package)

4 (1.2 lb) drumsticks (4 per package)

4 (2 lb) leg quarters (2 per package)

6 (2.4 lb) wings (10 whole wings per package)