Nitrate-Free, Sugar-Free Bacon

Nitrate-Free, Sugar-Free Bacon

Pastured nitrate-free, sugar-free bacon. Medium sliced. Packages range from .9 to 1.1 lbs per package.

Our classic sugar-free pork bacon is a favorite among customers. In fact, it's our #1 selling product.

This best-selling cut of pork comes from the belly of the hog and is cured and smoked to perfection. Belly meat is ideal for thick and crispy slices of natural, pasture-raised bacon. The fatty belly of the hog gives it the necessary tenderness and sweetness for delicious thick strips. Our thick, juicy slices are fatty and flavorful, for a perfectly crispy cook in the pan. 

We sell our old-fashioned bacon in 16oz packages of about 10-12 delicious strips. We don't sell you the slab. We give it to you cured, cut, and ready for the stovetop or oven. This way, you don't have to wait. You can get straight to enjoying its delicious smokey flavors. 

Pan-fry, broil, or bake this tasty pork for a crispy, savory bite. There are a dozen ways to get just the right taste when the meat is cut to perfection. They're cured without added nitrates or MSG and are sugar-free for added health benefits. The deep curing process includes sea salt and celery juice powder for a simple, old-fashioned flavor profile that's sure to be a favorite in any household.