Quarter Beef Box

Quarter Beef Box

80-82 lbs avg. of Grass-fed Beef | 240+ 4oz portions

Say Hello to our newest 1/4th Beef Box with steak, Nitrate-free All Beef Hot Dogs, Beef Bacon and more.

You'll get to enjoy a little bit of everything with this 240+ portion great-value bundle. You can review the entire contents below, but let's highlight a few of our favorites:

We have a great mix of grilling beef, comfort foods as well as those unique cuts to make everyday a special day.

The Tierra Verde Farm 1/4th Beef Box is perfect for individuals or families who need help meal planning or are serious about eating nutrient-packed pasture Grass-fed beef throughout the week.

Our animals are raised with great care on healthy soils that have been building for a decade. If you're looking to stock up the 1/4 Beef Box is your best bet.

What's Included?

Beef for Special Occasions:

4 (8 oz.) Filet Mignon Steak

4 (12 oz.) Ribeye Steak

4 (12 oz.) NY Strip Steak

4 (9 oz.) Sirloin Steak

Beef for Comfort Meals

2 (2.75 lbs.) Chuck Roast

2 (3 lb.) Rump Roast

4 (16 oz. pkgs.) Beef Meat for Stew

1 (16 oz. pkgs.) Smoked Beef Bacon

2 (1.9 lb.) London Broil

2 (1.2 lb.) Short Ribs

Beef Staples

26 (1 lb. pkgs.) Ground Beef

Beef for Grilling

8 (Packs of 4 - 4 oz.) Ground Beef Patties

2 (Pack of 4 - 6 oz) Bacon-Infused Burgers

2 (Pack of 4 - 6 oz) Sirloin Patties

4 (Packs of 8) All Beef Nitrate-free Hotdogs

2 (1.25 lb) Beef Ribs