Whole Hog Box

Whole Hog Box

100 Lbs of Pastured Pork

Do you love our Ohio pasture-raised pork products? If so, you'll enjoy our Whole Hog Box with a delicious variety of our roasts, bacon, sausages and chops. It will keep your family as well as your grill and smoker stocked.

You can choose from any of our types of bacon from regular to sugar free which ever you prefer. You can also choose from any of our fresh pork sausage flavors either the bulk or large link varieties. You can mix and match sausage and bacon types to have a variety. Just let us know you preferences in the order comment section and we will get you box ready to go!

Pastured pork is hard to find, but all of our hogs at Tierra Verde Farms live and thrive on open pastures. When you consume our products, you can be assured you are not contributing to other corrupt “factory farms" but to a sustainable environment.

What's Included?

Pork for Special Occasions:

16 (10oz, 1" thick) Loin Chops:8 packs of 2

2 (3.5 lb) Boneless Nitrate Free Ham

2 (2.5 lb) Boneless Sirloin Roast

Pork for Comfort Meals

8 (8 oz) Country Ribs:4 packs of 2

6 (1.75 LB) Ham Steaks

4 (2.5lb) Butt Roast

Pork Staples

20 (1 lb.) packs of Fresh Sausage (choose fresh sausage flavor or we can provide sampler)

16 (1 lb.) Packs of Bacon (Choose bacon type if not nitrate free)

2 (1 lb.) pack of Bacon Ends

Pork for Grilling

2 Rack of St Louis cut Spare Ribs

16 (9 oz.), 3/4" thick) Rib Chops: 8 packs of 2