Whole Lamb Box

Whole Lamb Box

36-38 pounds of Grass-fed lamb
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We have put together a box of our best grass-fed lamb. This represents the cuts you would receive if you bought a half of lamb.

The Tierra Verde Farm Half of Lamb Box is perfect for individuals or families who love lamb and would like to save on of the high price lamb can bring by buying in bulk.

What's Included?

4 packs of Loin Chops (4 chops per pack)

2 packs of 1/3 Rib Chops (4 Chops per pack)

1 Rack of Lamb Rib Chops (8 Ribs)

2 pack of Sirloin Chops (2 chops per pack)

1 pack of Lamb Shanks (2 Shank per pack)

2 rack of lamb spare ribs

2 packs of lamb stew meat

4 packs of ground lamb

1 quart of lamb stock

1 quart of lamb bone broth

3 Leg steaks

1 Leg of Lamb

1 Large boneless shoulder roast

For a total of 36-38 pounds of lamb. This provides you all the chops and expensive cuts for the price of ground lamb.