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Beef Pot Roast and Gravy

September 28, 2020 • 0 comments

Beef Pot Roast and Gravy
Traditional comfort food for a cool evening dinner. Pair with mashed potatoes and green beans for a comforting meal.
  • Prep Time:
  • Cook Time:


  • Chuck Roast - Rolled small
  • (1 tsp) Salt
  • (1/2 tsp) Black Pepper
  • (1 Tablespoon) Garlic Salt
  • (1 Tablespoon) Dried Onion Flakes
  • (12 oz) Water
  • (2 Tablespoons) Lard
  • (2 Tablespoons) Flour
  • (to taste) Salt and Pepper


Remove chuck roast from package. 

Place chuck roast in bottom of crock pot (can still be frozen).

Season roast with salt, black pepper, garlic salt and onions flakes.

Pour water around roast.

Cover crock pot and turn on low for 6-7 hours for a frozen roast.  4-5 hours for a thawed roast.  Turn roast over after 2 hours.  

Roast is down when you can insert a fork easily into meat.  

Remove roast to a plate.  Strain juice into a measuring cup.

Beef Gravy.

Put 2 Tablespoons of Lard in a skillet.  Turn on Medium heat.  Add 2 Tablespoons of flour.  Whisk flour and lard together until smooth and bubbly.  Turn heat down to low.  Add 2 cups of the beef juices (from roast cooking in the crock pot) slowly to the skillet.  Continue to whisk until smooth.  Season with salt and pepper to taste.

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