Turkey Gravy

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Turkey Gravy
This is a light rue based gravy that will be lump free every time. This same recipe can be used for a chicken gravy as well. This recipe is for a little more than 2 cups of gravy. Plan to double this recipe.
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In saute pan melt fat(you can use lard, tallow or butter; we sell pasture based clean rendered lard and tallow) on medium heat.  Each has their own flavor and none will overpower a well made turkey stock.

Whisk flour into the fat and stirring constantly as you cook on medium high heat for 1-2 minutes.

Slowly add warm broth to pan whisking constantly, make sure each bit of broth is incorporated before adding more to maintain a smooth consistancy.

Cook gravy for 5-7 minutes on medium to medium low heat after it reaches a simmer.

Add any drippings from the turkey roasting pan and whisk in.

Remove pan from heat and Salt and Pepper to taste.


Gravy can be made up to 3 days a head of time and stored in the refrigerator; or frozen and stored up to 3 months.

If frozen transfer to refrigerator the night before you want to serve to thaw.

To reheat: Pour gravy in sauce pan and warm over medium heat, stir or whisk until warmed through.  Add water or stock as necessary if gravy is too thick.

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